The Ultimate Long Distance Moving Checklist

Moving soon? Long distance moving, where do you start? If you are thinking about moving out of state or cross country, see how Street Smart Storage can help with our storage space and helpful moving checklists. Our self storage facility is located in Wilmington NC, where many families vacation, reside, and move here for business. We can assist with your needs for extra space during a move.

Along with finding a helpful storage unit in Wilmington NC, Street Smart Storage has the ultimate checklist. From when to change your address to what needs restocked, we have a solution!

Address Changes: Where to Update

From your mail to your everyday businesses, we have a list of places that need to know you moved. Some you can schedule or make aware ahead of time, but many will need changed with in a few weeks of your move.

  1. Start forwarding your mail on moving day. Check this task off your list of things to do now! This can be done early, but there is a one month grace period to allow you time to notify everyone else.
  2. Loans and financial aid should also have a current address on file.
  3. So there are no missed payments, credit card companies and utility offices should be made aware of your new address.
  4. Update your employer and make sure all your tax forms are up to date.
  5. The kid’s school needs to know a current address as well.

Pantry and Cleaning Supplies: Shopping Checklist

Canned goods, dry  mixes, cleaning supplies and more may have been used up or discarded during the move. If you did not make a list of items you threw away when packing, use this list to make sure your pantry has all the basics again. If you are one of the many households that does not regularly go through your dry stock, moving may deplete your selection.

Make Street Smart Storage your go to solution for long distance moving this summer. Rent online, email, call, or stop by; we can help answer your need for extra space.