Storage Supplies Tips for Packing

Preparing for storage? After you secure your storage unit, it is time to start packing. Street Smart Storage sells storage supplies on-site at each location to give you easy access to what you need to keep your belongings safe. Come by our offices to gather supplies and check out our storage units!

1. Have a Designated Place to Keep Storage Supplies On Hand

Throughout your entire packing process, you will need scissors, tape, boxes and more. And once you actually start packing, it will get very easy to lose things. One way to keep everything accessible for when you need it is to through your supplies in a bag and take it with you as you pack. Keep tools and supplies handy for when you need to wrap items in bubble wrap or tape up boxes. Find all the storage supplies you need at our Wilmington NC or Vass NC facilities. When you buy supplies from us this month, we will donate a percentage of your sale to Susan G. Komen to help raise money for breast cancer research.

2. Find the Best Way to Pack for Your Family

We can recommend a couple different ways to organize your packing process and your storage unit, but honestly, the best process is just whatever you like the most. If you like to know where everything is, you may want to label your box with the contents and the room of the house they belong. You can also arrange your boxes by room in your storage unit to keep all your bedroom stuff together but separate from your other rooms.

Street Smart Storage: All the Storage Supplies You Need

Street Smart Storage has two locations: Wilmington NC and Vass NC. Both facilities offer affordable commercial and residential storage units in addition to selling storage supplies. We have small storage units fit for temporary storage or extra large storage units for your biggest items and vehicles. Ready to get started? Check out the storage unit options at the Street Smart Storage facility near you!

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