Severe Weather Preparedness Tips for North Carolina

If an unexpected disaster occurs, are you prepared? North Carolina has beautiful landscapes that attract many visitors, especially in the summer months. But with that can come severe weather. Natural disasters can occur in various forms and at any time. While you cannot predict everything Mother Nature will throw at you, there are measures that can minimize the damages. We have five severe weather preparedness tips to help prepare you and your storage unit in case of disaster.

Severe Weather Preparedness Tips

Have a Protection Plan for Your Storage Unit

Our facility offers storage protection plans that are designed to cover financial losses of items damaged in natural disasters. Plans can be purchased at our office and can be added into your monthly rent. Do not assume the property’s insurance covers your goods, you are responsible for the protection of your stored goods. For information on protection for your stored goods, please see our store manager.

Keep Any Important Documents with You

Documents such as birth certificates, passports, identification cards or anything that needs to be easily accessible should be kept with you or in a safe in your residence. If you choose to store documents in self storage, look for temperature-controlled storage units that can protect against moisture-related damages.

Have Emergency Light Sources 

Keep a flashlight or lantern right at your residence, in your car and also inside your storage unit. If power goes out, have battery backups for any lighting sources as well. If a visit to your unit during a disaster is necessary, you will want to be able to see in your unit.

Create a Disaster Kit

Living in North Carolina, you should have an emergency preparedness kit, as well as an emergency plan. Your kit should include water, non-perishable food, a flashlight and batteries, a first aid kit, local maps, towelettes, and garbage bags. Keep your kit at a readily accessible place.

Prepare Temperature-Sensitive Items in Your Storage Unit Appropriately

Any type of item made from leather, wood, rubber, or metal can be damaged from extreme temperatures. Electronics, documents, and artwork should be stored in temperature controlled storage units if available. These storage units stay in a consistent temperature range. So no matter the changing weather outside, your items are secure.

Emergency preparedness minimizes the possible damage that can occur. If you need more tips or information on how to prepare for a North Carolina weather emergency, see these resources:

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