Sell Items Online: How Storage Can Help

What is the best way to sell items online? Street Smart Storage can help you get your online store in order. Our Wilmington NC storage space is a safe place to keep the belongings you want to sell online. If you notice you have not used something in over a year, it may be time to recycle it. Learn how to get your products out there and sold in no time.

Selling online is just one way to your home organized, our self storage is another. Street Smart Storage is located in Wilmington NC off Route 17 and ready to help you store. Park your vehicle, RV, or boat, store excess items while you start your online store, the storage options are endless with Street Smart Storage.

Sell Items Online Wilmington NC

Selling Websites

  1. Facebook Marketplace
  2. Let Go
  3. Offer Up
  4. Ebay

How To Sell Online

  1. Start by cleaning and sprucing up the item, dust furniture and clean clothing.
  2. Take pictures of the product in front of a white background and in good light. Good photos will be the key to a speedy sale.
  3. Be honest in your description. If something is wrong or there details a customer needs to know include them in the description.
  4. Negotiate the price and get the most profit or set a hard price, either way let the customer know.
  5. Remember to be professional since many of the websites rate both sides of the interaction.
  6. Consider storing the items you want to post online to keep them in perfect condition.

From college students making extra money selling their school books to families looking to save money for their next vacation, selling items online are a possible solution.

Street Smart Storage can help you get ready for spring and store extra supplies. If you are planning a move, talk with our store manager about renting a U-Haul truck in Wilmington NC or storage unit for your possessions. Rent online or stop by for a tour with our experts.