Moving Supplies Made Easy

Getting ready for a big move? Street Smart Storage has trained storage professionals that can help you make the right decision for extra space. Our Wilmington NC storage space can be home base while staging your home or extra spot to store your home goods. Did you know our office is also stocked with moving supplies? From large boxes with bubble wrap to tape and tarps for protection, we have the moving tools you need.

moving Supplies

Moving Supplies Checklist:

  • Tape is very important to have while moving but if left on your items too long they can leave a sticky mess for you to deal with. Use the self cling bubble wrap and save your budget and belongings.
  • A roll of Kraft paper tape is great if you are shipping an item to a customer and need to be economical as well as sturdy.
  • Be mindful of the weight limit for each box. The large boxes are best for bulky items and small/medium boxes should have most of your heavy treasures.
  • The cardboard insert in the dish partition kit is useful for kitchen items, but you will also need bubble pouches to cushion any moving.
  • Even in the driest climates, moisture can be an issue. Add a dark space to the mix and you can have a growing problem on your hands. Damp-rid and a thick plastic barrier on the floor will stop mold and mildew in it’s tracks.
  • Add a layer of newsprint around your objects to help absorb any moving vibrations.
  • Tie down ropes and utility cords are sometimes forgotten. These are especially smart to have if you are moving in an open trailer.
  • Our kits take the guess work out of buying the right supplies. Talk with your property manager about the specifics you need.

From self storage tips to moving supplies, our Wilmington NC storage experts can help. Find all your storing needs at Street Smart Storage.