Local Storage For Your Seasonal Needs

Storing for the season, what do you need to know? Our local storage in Wilmington NC is a solution to use when swapping a few seasonal items. Now that the kids are back in school and the outdoor activities are coming to an end, changing your summer tools may be next on the to-do list. Street Smart Storage has seasonal storage tips and home organization to make the start of fall simple.

Local Storage Wilmington NC

Around the House: Tips for Back To School

  1. Start a command station. Hang coat hooks, calendar, menu, shopping list etc, to stay on top of the details for the week.
  2. Pack lunches on the weekends. Ask kids to pick their lunches ahead of time.
  3. A bin with cheese sticks, juice boxes, sliced fruit, and other lunch favorites will help kids choose healthy options for lunch.
  4. Sort through and discard any old clothing before heading out to find this year’s wardrobe.
  5. Stash a few extra school supplies in the car just in case you have to drive the kids to school and they forgot their supply case.

Seasonal Storing: Swap Summer Items

  1. When storing camping gear clean everything off, especially the tools used to cook food.
  2. Clean off beach toys and blankets before moving them to the storage unit.
  3. Avoid storing any items with gas still in the tank. Yard equipment should be drained of any flammable liquids before storing them.
  4. Shelves will make the most of your storage unit space. A shelf will help you store your single-person boats, like kayaks and canoes.
  5. InStyle has the last fashion trends and how to properly store your clothing for a few months.

Our office on Market Street in Wilmington NC is open for business and ready to help you store for the season. Your belongings will be safe with a local storage option in Wilmington NC like ours. Give us a call today or rent online to save time.