Holiday Storing: Reclaiming Your Space With Storage

How can you easily store your holiday items without giving up a lot of home storage space? Street Smart Storage is the answer! We have holiday storing tips to make packing decorations away and storage space to keep your home organized. Use these tips to reclaim your space today. 

5 Holiday Storing Tips

  1. Store wrapping paper in garment bags, which are easily hung. 
  2. Turn a wastebasket into your wrapping paper holder. 
  3. Magazine holders are useful for storing gift bags. 
  4. Keep all your ribbons together in a labeled box.
  5. Repurpose a clothing hanger and use it to hang wreaths. 

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Holiday Storing Lights

Which Storage Unit is Right For You? 

Choosing a storage unit? Street Smart Storage has industry experts at both of our locations to help simplify the storage search. If you want to get an idea of how much you can fit inside our storage units, use our online calculator

Once you have a storage unit size in mind, head over to our available units and find a storage facility close to you.

2 Self Storage Locations To Serve You 

Looking for storage units in Wilmington NC? Street Smart Storage on Market Street is ready to help you store this new year! 

Our storage facility in Vass NC is located outside Lakeview NC. Ready to store your extra items? Rent storage today and start reclaiming your home storage.