5 Storage Supplies For An Easy Move

The ultimate question when moving, do you have enough supplies? Moving your items to storage involves some planning, but Street Smart Storage has you covered. With our storage supplies in Wilmington NC, storage calculator, and storage space for rent, you will be moving in no time. 

Get the right tools for the job and support a charity that does so much. For the whole month of October, merchandise sales will be linked with the Susan G Komen Foundation. We will allocate money from each sale to go towards breast cancer research. There is no minimum amount needed, we will donate from each merchandise sale! 

Your Must-Have Storage Supplies 

  1. Boxes – Pack in all sizes and be mindful of weight capacity for each box. 
  2. Tape/Dispenser – An extra roll or two will save you from rushing out for more. 
  3. Bubble Wrap – Cushion your plates and fragile items during the transport to Street Smart Storage.
  4. Covers – Protect your furniture from dust and dirt.
  5. Cylinder Lock – This secure lock keeps rust out and your belongings safe while in storage.
Box Locks Storage Supplies - Tape Dispenser Storage Supplies - Tape Rolls

How Many Supplies Will You Need? 

To avoid a run on supplies, use U-Haul’s supply calculator for easy math. Did you know Street Smart Storage is also a U-Haul dealer? We take care of all your moving and storage needs in one easy location. Our self storage supplies in Wilmington are available for purchase anytime, just stop in the office. 

How much is too much? When it comes to selecting a storage unit for your valuables you want everything to fit just, let our storage calculator take the guessing away. To avoid paying for space you are not using or trying to move too much into a 5×5 storage unit, talk with our store manager.