5 Garage & Shed Organization Ideas

How do you make the most out of your garage or shed? Street Smart Storage has 5 garage and shed organization tips to help you! Spring is coming soon and with it comes summer projects and home improvement needs. 

Make your garage into a safe place to park the car or use your shed for a workshop for projects around the house. These organization tips will help you utilize this sometimes underappreciated space. 

Store on the Walls 


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Use wire shelving to keep each category of tools off the workbench or floor. They are easy to install and come in many different adjustable designs. You can also make your own shelves from scrap wood. Find that DIY design here!

Store Only The Essentials 

Paint Supplies

Image by tookapic from Pixabay

Remove all other products that have a better home elsewhere. Items like propane tanks, paper plates, and picnic supplies, and paint can all be stored somewhere else in the house. 

Get Creative with Seasonal Hobbies 

A old pool noodle and a PVC pipe can keep your fishing equipment organized. No more tangled lines or messed up rods, this simple fish pole holder will keep your garage looking nice after the fishing season. 

Use Ceiling Space

Take advantage of all the storage space present in your garage by using the ceiling too! Hang personal boats, like kayaks and canoes when it is too cold to use them. Create a track system for plastic bins. 

Store Bins Vertical 

Use an upright shelf large enough for one bin on each shelf. Stackable bins make it easy to store seasonal decorations but if you need something from the bottom bin it can be tricky. 

Self Storage is Ideal for Large Items 

Patio Furniture

Extra tools or outdoor furniture, self storage can help you keep your garage or shed open. Tools you only use a few times a year are better off in storage rather than taking up valuable space in your shed. 

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Choose a storage facility near you and start storing today!