How to Pack a Storage Unit

If you been putting off packing before moving into your storage unit, let us help you get started with three easy tips on how to pack a storage unit to stay organized. Let Street Smart Storage walk you through the entire storage process and make renting easy. Our whole blog is full of tricks to make finding storage as smooth as possible. Follow our tips below on how to pack your storage unit efficiently to get the most out of your space!

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3 Tips on How to Pack Your Storage Unit

1. Start Planning the Layout of Your Storage Unit as Soon as You Know What You Are Storing

How do you begin laying out your storage unit? Think about which items you will need to grab from your storage unit frequently, and place them up front by the door. Similarly, items that do not get used frequently or are valuable and need additional security should be placed in the far corners. If you create an aisle down the center of your storage unit, you will have easy access to boxes on any wall.

Last-minute organization can be chaotic, so make sure you go into your move-in day with a plan.

2. Purchase Enough Storage Supplies

You never have to worry about being unprepared when storing at Street Smart Storage. Each of our storage offices sell boxes, packing tape, locks, and other packing supplies on-site in our offices! Ask the storage experts there about the best supplies for packing up furniture and breakables.

3. Create a Labeling System

Something as simple as marking “winter clothing” will be a huge help later when you are searching for a specific item and do not want to rummage through all your boxes to find it. You can take it a step farther, also marking the room of the house that would normally hold those items (kitchen, garage, etc.), so when you go to unload those boxes later, people helping you move will know where in your house to put them.

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Looking for a storage unit to help you organize your home or business? Street Smart Storage has two storage facilities to serve you in North Carolina—in Vass and Wilmington. Our drive-up and temperature-controlled storage units give you plenty of different sizes and features to choose from. Browse through our online storage rentals to compare available storage units at each self storage facility. You can also leave your vehicle in our care, as we rent outdoor parking spaces on our camera-recorded property. Clear up clutter around your property, both inside and out, with Vault Storage. We have the space and the expertise to become your trusted local storage facility.

If you have any questions about renting with Street Smart Storage or storage in general, feel free to call the office closest to you to talk to an expert. Otherwise, you can get started with our online storage rentals. Rent a storage unit to move in right away, or reserve a storage unit commitment-free for a future date. It is as easy as a few clicks! Use our helpful storage tools to assist in choosing the right storage unit for your load.

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