Storage Packing Tips Wilmington NC
March 9, 2018

Tips For Packing Before Getting To Your Unit

What needs done before you go to storage? If you are moving some belongings into storage this coming spring, you are in luck! Street Smart Storage is preparing you with the storage packing tips you need to know before you arrive. Moving into the storage unit should be a breeze. Since you have experts and the right tools for the job, you are set to move and enjoy your summer vacations.

If you plan to use storage for your home renovations, consider looking at one of the small storage units we offer. Pair a small unit with our short term month to month storing and you can work through your house, improving it one room at a time.

Storage Packing Tips Wilmington NC

Storage Organization Tips

  • Storage containers for your clothing should be clearly marked. Find a variety of moving supplies in our storage office.
  • Small boxes are best for storing heavier items, while large boxes should be left for light comforters, or pillows.
  • Kitchen towels make a great barrier between plates. Using your towels will protect your plates from chipping, but also stores a few linens instead using another box.
  • Have a system when packing? Move room to room and then plan out how things will go in the moving truck and later, your unit.
  • Straightening up the house can alleviate any confusion. Misplaced belongings can get lost in the moving process, so stay organized by cleaning first.
  • A throw blanket is useful in between artwork. If you are worried the blanket will be harmed, bubble wrap is a perfect substitution.
  • Store plates in a box that has enough space for them to be upright.

Street Smart Storage is ready to help you store your belongings while moving. Find your Wilmington NC storage unit online and moving supplies in our office on Market Street. Follow these storage packing tips and be ready to move your items in storage.