Wilmington NC business storage
August 9, 2017

Can You Benefit From Business Storage?

Wilmington NC business storage

Are you searching for space for extra office supplies or extra inventory? A storage unit at Street Smart Storage is an ideal solution when in need of Wilmington NC business storage.

Looking for ways to be business savvy and save space? You can find the affordable storage units in Wilmington NC! We offer space, experts and storage supplies on site. Use our storage calculator and then rent your self storage unit online.

Not sure if business storage is the way to go? Street Smart Storage has storage experts to guide you through the process. There are many ways to save space around the office, which include:

  • Bulky furniture like desks and chairs are useful for when the busy season comes, but what do you do with it when they aren’t in use? Consider moving them out and using your space for something more productive.
  • Extra supplies/inventories for contractors. We understand contractors have a lot of big equipment that can prove to be a challenge when storing. When the garage fills up fast and there is not more room in the work van, a storage locker is perfect.
  • Tax forms and records from prior years need to be kept in case of emergencies but they don’t need to be at the office the whole time. Move the filing cabinets and paper boxes somewhere protected and convenient.

If you are preparing to change your seasonal patio furniture or over stock for the busy season, storage is key. Don’t get overwhelmed with disorganization, come in to talk or rent the ideal spot for your business today!