outdoor gear storage
February 4, 2016

How To Store Outdoor Gear

Are you an outdoor person and have lots of gear? Give your gear a safe place to store. Free up space in your home and store outdoor gear in a storage unit! Our outdoor gear storage makes it easy to keep your belongings safe all year. We can even help you store your biggest items. Check out our car storage, RV storage and boat storage options.

Have a yearly hunting trip that will require access to your gear in the early hours of the morning? Remember to plan ahead and ask about access hours! Access hours are 6am – 10pm.

Store Outdoor Gear


Thoroughly check inside your kayak or canoe before storing it. Check for things like debris, or caked on dirt and leaves.

Even if your kayak or canoe is stored inside, keep it covered. This will help prevent bugs from getting inside and possibly damaging any of the materials.

If you own an inflatable kayak, keep temperature in mind. Fluctuating  temperatures can potentially damage the material, so temperature controlled storage is best.

If you do not have a rack for your kayak or canoe, make sure to store it against a wall on its side. This will prevent it from falling over and getting damaged.

Talk with our storage experts about the amount of storage space you need for your outdoor gear! Use our storage calculator for online assistance.


Camping Gear

  • Gather all of your gear, lay it out, and organize it by type or use.
  • Clean all equipment before storing it. Make sure to thoroughly clean cooking gear to avoid bugs.
  • Completely dry off any fabric gear, such as tents and sleeping bags, to prevent mold and mildew.
  • When placing equipment in boxes or bins, make sure to label them according to category or contents. This will make retrieving the gear you need easy.
  • Some camping gear can be rather heavy. Make sure not to over pack any boxes.
  • Any equipment with batteries, such as flashlights, lanterns, GPS, and headlamps should have the batteries removed and stored separately. This will prevent leakage and corrosion.

Store Outdoor Gear

Follow these outdoor gear storage tips to store safely and free up space at home!