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January 4, 2016

How to Organize Room by Room

Ready to tackle organization Wilmington NC? Whether it is cleaning up the living room or sorting items in your kitchen, organization is easy with a little extra space. We know your 2016 resolution may be to get organized, so let Street Smart Storage help you achieve this goal by breaking it down room by room. We have prepared tips to help you organize various rooms in your house. organization Wilmington NC

Living Room Storage Ideas

  • Get a waste basket that matches your decor and place it somewhere accessible.
  • Use a small filing cabinet for magazines you want to keep or discard them once you are finished reading.
  • Create storage behind furniture, such as behind the sofa. A small trunk, cabinet, or bookcase can be perfect solutions.

These three tips will help you straighten up your space. While cleaning up, move a few items off to the side that are better stored somewhere else. Rent a small storage unit in Wilmington NC for easy projects like this.

Bedroom Storage

The second busiest room in a house, your bedroom. Use our moving supplies on site to store clothing and other items taking up space in your bedroom. Move a shoe rack to your storage unit for seasonal wear. Many professional organizers will tell you clean space starts with making your bed. While this may sound like something your parents told you to do, it helps to prevent you from storing clothes and other items on it. Finally, vertical storage utilizes the most space in your bedroom and storage unit.

organization Wilmington NC

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen can be difficult to organize since you need access to so many different items so often. The key is to make them accessible, but keep them out of the way and organized. One way to manage this is to create your own pot and pan rack. This may sound difficult, but it is actually easy to do. The rack can be made with a simple handrail and some “S” hooks from a hardware store. This will keep cookware out of the way but easy to access when you need it. Combining all of these tips will keep your kitchen organized while having everything you need still be accessible.


Although bathrooms might not be the biggest room, they can still be difficult to organize. Keeping a plastic tub under the sink for hair products helps to keep counters clean. This helps you out when you clean the bathroom, and is also one of the best ways to keep the bathroom looking nice. Over the toilet furniture is an excellent spot for storage that doesn’t take up any extra space in a room. Use this area to store things like toilet paper or towels. Finally, if your bath or shower has lots of shampoo or soap, a shower caddy or basket is a great spot to organize items. This also helps prevent soap buildup and keeps the shower clean.

organization Wilmington NC

Garage Storage

Move extra seasonal gear to the storage unit. After the workshop is organized, put rarely used items in to storage. With these items stored, your work bench will stay cleaner.

Follow these tips to make organizing your home easy! Check out our other blog posts for more tips about organizing and storing your items.