October 5, 2015

Storing During the Holiday

As the holidays are quickly approaching, now is the time to start planning. Planning for those extra visitors earlier helps make the holiday season a breeze. Whether you buy your presents early or are a last minute shopper, finding a hiding place for gifts can be tricky; a storage unit is the perfect hiding place! Storing your gifts can keep the magic of the holiday season in your house and make the holiday much easier! Rent one to wrap and store your gifts today! Here are a few tips on storing during the holiday to be sure your holiday season is as smooth as possible.

Holidays in Wilmington NC

Know Gate Hours

Here at Street Smart Storage our gate hours are from 6am to 10pm everyday! This ensures you have enough time to shop, store, and get the gifts under the tree.

Organize items

Be sure to store your items in a fashion that allows you to efficiently and quickly gather your gifts to take back to your house. If your gifts are organized in your storage unit, retrieving them will be easy! Here are some tips on organizing your gifts:

-Color code boxes, storage bins, or wrapping paper

-Label boxes with a smudge-proof marker. Need labels? Find moving supplies in our office.

-Store gifts for the same person in one area

-When storing light strings, wrap them around paper tubes from wrapping paper to prevent tangling

Protect gifts / decorations

Protecting gifts is one of the most important steps! Make sure your gifts stay safe by following these tips when choosing your unit and storing your presents:

-Keep climate control in mind

-Keep unit size in mind

-If storing fragile items, use bubble wrap / tissue paper

-Use leftover wrapping paper to further protect ornaments / decorations (shred it)

Street Smart Storage is here to help! Rent a storage unit today to prepare for the holiday season!