clothing storage tips
July 15, 2015

Helpful Tips To Store Your Clothes

Can your closet use a revamp? Consider moving your clothing you wear only part of the year to a storage unit in Wilmington NC.  Cleaning out your closet, whether for seasonal changes or moving, can make the process a little easier. Street Smart Storage can be an extension of your closet, with a few boxes, labels and tips, you will be set. Check out our storage tips and get answers for all your storing questions here.

clothing storage tips

Our storage units in Wilmington NC offer more than a convenient location to store clothing. Find a secure parking space for your RV, boat, and vehicle. Our goal is to make your storage experience with us a positive one. Let us know how we can help you today!

  1. Store clothes in an airtight container or bin. Throw in some cedar wood blocks or lavender to keep moths and insects away from snacking on your clothes.
  2. Purchase any form of Damp-rid and place it in your storage unit. Damp-rid will keep humidity away from your belongings.
  3. Never store anything in the dry cleaning plastic it came in. The plastic traps a ton of moisture, which can cause fibers to dry out and can cause yellowing of fabric
  4. Stuff newspaper in your boots to help them hold its shape. Do not store them all into one plastic bag. The soles and heels of boots can damage the other boots in there.
  5. Wardrobe boxes make storing clothes on hangers easy. Some clothes are better stored on hangers and these boxes make it efficient to store, while protecting your belongings.

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