Long term storage
October 8, 2014

Five Tips to Store in Cold Weather

Winter is quickly approaching, are you ready? Street Smart Storage in Wilmington NC has 5 storage solutions to prepare your stored belongings in cooler weather. Enjoy the cooler weather knowing your gear is safe with us.

Long term storage Wilmington NC

  1. Vehicles in long-term storage need a little maintenance before settling down. The tires may need air before you get on the road but a little extra before storage prevents flat spots. Measure the PSI with a tire gauge in each tire before filling as the air in the tire will condense in the cold, giving the appearance of a soft tire.
  2. Consider renting one of our temperature controlled storage units for peace of mind when the seasons change. A stable temperature helps preserve all of your belongings while the weather fluctuates.
  3. Storing surfboards and paddle boards are a challenge for some, but with Street Smart Storage, you have a drive up storage unit that makes it easy. It is not a bad idea to store them in a location that is closer to your favorite beach. Good thing our Wilmington NC storage units are conveniently located.
  4. Your outdoor tools like mowers, weed-wackers, and gardening tools can be stored here. A small storage unit keeps everything safely stored away. Make sure to empty the gas tank in all your small engine equipment.
  5. Do you have fragile memorabilia such as baseball cards, old photos? Temperature controlled storage units in Wilmington NC provide an ideal environment for these delicate items. Plastic sleeves for cards of all types, even photos are a great way to protect them in the cold. A layer between the card and dust will keep your memorabilia in mint condition and prevent scratches!

Street Smart Storage can be a storage solution in Wilmington NC. Our winters do not get as cold as some but the change in weather can make you put away your boat or RV for a season.