clothing storage tips
May 13, 2014

How To Efficiently Swap Your Belongings

It is almost summer time and that means you will be taking a trip to your self-storage unit to swap all of your winter and summer items. You may be putting away snow equipment like, snowshoes and sweaters in favor of swimwear, bikes, and boats. Make the transition easier, with our convenient storage.

Step #1: Write Down All The Winter Items Moving To Storage.

This might sound tedious, but having a list will help you tremendously in the fall. When you retrieve everything from your storage unit. Keep your list in electronic form so you do not misplace it come the fall.

Step #2: When You Get To Your Storage Snit, Re-evaluate The Space.

If you open the door to your storage unit and realize you only have a few summer items to remove, but you have many more winter items to store, you might want to re-evaluate your storage needs. Talk with our storage experts at Street Smart Storage rather than force all your items in a storage unit. Consider investing in a second storage unit or a larger storage unit if yours can be upgraded in size.

Step #3: Make Sure Everything Is Secure

Stacking boxes from floor to ceiling can cause an issue when you need items from the bottom box. Leave your storage unit organized with a labels and an isle to walk through. If you notice, boxes getting to tall, let our storage professionals help you find a storage space that works.

Step #4: Put All Your Winter Items Back With Care

Rather than randomly putting your winter items into your self-storage space, try to have a method in mind. For instance, you might want to relocate some of the other storage items so you can keep the winter stuff together. This will make it easier to remove the items when you need them again

By making this move to our convenient storage facility, your move can be success.